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Are you ready to unveil the divine feminine in you? I am Tracey—an ordained priestess of the Goddess. I use hypnotherapy, life coaching, and tarot reading to help you rediscover your authentic self. I do this by clearing the energy blocks that hinder the free flow of the life force within you. Drawing on my life experiences, deep understanding of spiritual realities, and being a student and disciple of ancient practices like Reiki, hypnosis, and diverse meditation techniques, I will lead you on a path to spiritual rejuvenation. I'm here to help you unlock the goddess in you so you can have the life you were destined to live.

Basket and Wild Flowers


My name is Tracey-Ann

I provide a safe haven for women who are tired of conforming to the daily grind. So I created a community for women who strive for more, without further personal sacrifice. For women to connect to others, reconnect to themselves, and rediscover their wild side

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