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My Story

I discovered there was something peculiar about me at a young age. I cannot count the times I've had dreams that came true. I would often do something and immediately realize that I have been there, done that before – and not the usual déjà vu experiences. My parents were often astonished by this but did not know what to make of it. They did not encourage me on my spiritual path but instead guided me on a path to excellence in the corporate world.


Either way, my dreams never went away, nor did my fascination with seeing the future. I felt fulfilled when I warned some of an impending danger. Some believed me and were happy they did. Some came back to tell me they wished they had listened. People never take you seriously when you are young. In my early 20s, I started reading tarot cards as a hobby. I was obsessed with fortune tellers and would visit them all the time. I felt they were like me, only that they were taken more seriously. 


At 21, I moved to the UK after suffering a major loss. I needed a fresh start. Here I bought my first statue, Isis. I didn't know why but I was attracted to her. From there, I began following the wheel of the year, studying various gods and goddesses, but just for my curiosity and knowledge. 


During my stay in the UK, I found myself in a highly demanding career for two decades. I worked in a high-powered corporate management role. Every day was a whirlwind of pressure, responsibility, and stress. There were no off days nor time to relax and recharge. I was putting out little fires everywhere. Barely sleeping at night, worried about what could go wrong the next day. If you've been there, you understand why I survived on a steady diet of caffeine and fast food to make it through each day.


My relationships struggled, except for a few friends in the same line of work. At least they understood the many instances I had no time or energy to dedicate to them. I came home every day feeling unfulfilled and unhappy with my life. I knew something had to change, but I had yet to learn what it was. 


The Turning Point…

I became a mother at 42 after trying to conceive for five years without success. I was blessed with my beautiful daughter. However, parenting demanded that I move to a different part of the country. I had to forgo my life, my career, and my friends. Even though I was happy to be a mother, these changes and the pressure of being a new mom led me to a dark place. I was depressed and had lost sight of who I was. At some point, I contemplated suicide. 


I sought counseling as a last result. And this is where I discovered what had gone wrong. I had traded my purpose for a posh corporate career and city life. And only after finding a sisterhood to walk with me was I able to retrace my path as a spiritual guide.


I have been to many spiritual events and even practiced yoga in Glastonbury, but I had yet to think of myself as a spiritual guide. After my therapy sessions, however, I knew without a doubt that this was the path for me. I started reading tarot professionally and completed my Reiki training. I am proud to say that I am a priestess of the goddess, doing her work, yet still her student and disciple. 


Now more than ever, I am inspired to do circles and coaching for women. I live in the serenity of a 20-acre farm in West Sussex, where I spend my days helping women to turn their lives around. I have been hosting unique retreats at my countryside home to help women better reconnect with themselves - their Wild Selves.


During downtime, I tend to our flock of beautiful Wiltshire Horn sheep (lambing season is the best!). I also spend time nourishing fruit in the orchard. 

Let me help you turn your life around. Connect with me by booking a free discovery call today.

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