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More Than 5 Senses: Sight

It's difficult to imagine life without any senses because it's such an integral part of our lives - our senses allow us to perceive the world around us, acting as a bridge between ourselves and our reality. Can you imagine not having any senses and the huge disconnection from the world around us that it would cause?

It must be especially difficult if it's an early-life experience - which is often the case - and then it would mean they'd never had those precious moments of seeing the world through their mother's eyes or smelling their favorite foods or hearing their dad say I love you.

If you were born without any senses, how would it change your life?

Speaking about sight, our brain is aware of much more information than we are conscious about seeing something. Each one of our senses provides us with a specific kind of information, but there’s much more than what we process. Even when you haven’t rationally processed the information, your brain has received details you haven’t paid attention to.

It is common for people to enjoy playing find the differences to know where to look before they have actually detected a distinction between two images, the reason for this being that through your sight, your brain already has the information, even though you don’t get on a conscious level.

What does this have to do with the sense of sight spiritually? And how does it involve the Tarot?

Sight is probably one of the primary senses used in a Tarot reading - even though there are brilliant tarot readers out there who are blind! - and it plays an essential role in the process. Through sight, we can connect with the symbols of the Tarot and identify patterns within the cards that add valuable additional information to the reading. It may have happened to you that while you pull a reading, probably from the same Rider Waite Smith deck that you have been using for ages and that you know like the back of your hand, suddenly you can’t get your eyes off a dove that’s flying in the background and that you had never paid more attention to. Or maybe, that dull grey background on The Hermit is catching your attention more than anything else!

Whether it’s a symbol, a colour, a number or a particular character that catches your eye, you are establishing direct communication between you and your Tarot deck through your physical senses, allowing you to create a beautiful symbiosis between the tangible and the spiritual to fill your reading with depth and insight!

Do you want to become more aware of the information gathered through your eyes? You will soon learn that you can see things that you don’t even know the name of, and you will also increase your awareness about your surroundings, and the amount of information that is coming through your sight! Practice naming the things that you can see when you are maybe waiting for a friend, walking around the city or having a cup of coffee.

A different exercise to increase the connection between your sight and your intuition is to try and interpret the facial expressions of the people that you see around you. How are they feeling? And more importantly, what is giving away what they’re feeling?

Practising these exercises can help you train your sight to improve your awareness and thus, help you become a better reader!

Psychic Sight: Clairvoyance

What happens when you don’t need your eyes to see, or your eyes see more than they would do on average? Each of the senses has its psychic twin, an enhanced or spiritual form of the sense. In the case of sight, it is clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance is a term that comes from French and translates as “clear viewing”. This heightened sense manifests by allowing the people who possess it to see things, entities and beings that are not from the physical realm, as well as receive information that they can clearly see in their mind: People, events from the past, the present or the future, remote viewing or sequences of symbols that they need to interpret.

Of course, not all of the above-mention necessarily happen to every person with clairvoyant abilities. Someone’s skill may be more substantial when it comes to seeing things that are usually out of reach for the average eye, while someone else may have clear-cut visions!

Many believe that there’s a correlation between training our physical senses and developing our psychic counterparts. Besides the exercises suggested above, you can easily find more examples of activities that you can do to train your eyes and create a stronger connection to your sight and all of the information that it can offer to you!

Whether you decide to train your sight to enhance your perception of the world around you or prefer to leave it as it is, I strongly encourage you to trust your eyes next time you’re sitting before your cards, and your eyes feel inclined to focus on a symbol. Let the story flow from there, for your eyes know something that you don’t - yet!

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