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The Goddess Awaits You. Are You Ready?

Each and every one of us has a majestic type of energy that radiates from our being — the Goddess energy.

For years, this power was neglected and suppressed by society. Because of the patriarchy and the intensification of the masculine energy, the feminine aspect of our beings — such as flow, intuition, healing energy, etc — was discouraged from being expressed. We learned to strengthen and acknowledge power, logic, control, action, firmness, and, therefore, diminish our intuitive and priestess side.

However, we are now finally moving into a New Age, a New Era. The Era in which the Goddess energy will be much more present, and we will finally feel freer to express and get in touch with it.

Although this Goddess and Priestess energy might have been dormant for years, it still lives and breathes inside of us, just waiting to be awakened. This energy is so immensely powerful that it doesn’t require effort to be unleashed. Quite the opposite: it's through love, time, attention, and compassion that you rekindle it. This energy knows no limitation of logic, for it is understood by the innate wisdom of our bodies.

There are several ways in which you can awaken the Goddess energy, be it by yourself or through external guidance. The key to getting there is to connect to intuition and high vibrational energies. Readings such as Tarot, Runes, Oghams, Crystal Energy or Chakra, and Reiki Healing, are some of the many ways you can catch a glimpse of how powerful this energy can be. They help realign your spiritual body, while also advising and giving you further insights into your future.

By giving yourself the gift of experiencing such readings and healings, you will uncover the untapped potential that lies within you. Not only will you gain a new perspective on your life, but you will also gain certainty and clarity on how to move forward with your decisions.

All in all, tapping into the Goddess energy is all about bringing yourself back into balance. Because we’ve strengthened our masculine side for so many years, once you start amplifying your feminine side, you start calling in a lot more flow and ease.

As you allow the priestess that exists in you to express, you magnify your intuitive power and reclaim your sovereignty.

Your Goddess awaits you. Are you ready to move out of your way and create space for Her?

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