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You have Awakened Spiritually. Now What?

So you’ve had a deep experience and have spiritually awakened.

You might be walking around feeling like you’re in the Matrix movie. There might be this underlying sensation creeping in that you’re the only awakened human on the planet and everyone else is asleep. You might even be having a huge impulse to just run around and forcefully awaken everyone else.

If that’s you, then start by taking some deep breaths! Celebrate the fact that you’ve opened yourself up to a new realm of consciousness, and that you are ready for it. Self-soothing and self-unconditional-love will be essential in the blooming of this new chapter in your life.

The very first — and utmost important — thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s timeline is different. It’s not because you’ve awakened, that everyone else in your close circle will also do the same (especially not at the same time). Yes, it might be frustrating watching your loved ones undergo their experiences, but trust they are on their right path, as much as you are on yours.

The one thing you should be focusing on right now is your own spiritual growth. Go ahead and use this time to deepen your knowledge through books, podcasts, courses, workshops, and your own inner wisdom. Study and create space to put everything you’re learning into practice.

The curious thing is that, once you start putting it into practice, you’ll start creating small and big shifts in your life. With time, people will start observing all of these changes and will want to know more about it. This is when you can share more of your wisdom and realizations with them, and help guide them into their own spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakenings are extremely personal and unique experiences. Each one will have their own and they are not comparable. One person might have it in a split second, while another might take years to get there. The point here is that no one experience is better, or more powerful, or profound than the other.

Trust that whatever is it that you’re experiencing and that have brought you here is exactly the way your Soul chose for it to be. The more you lean into this trust, the more experiences you can allow to come into your reality.

Finally, know that you’re not alone. It might seem like a solitary place at the start. You might feel like the odd one out for a while, as you start perceiving the world differently. But that’s also a big part of it — knowing how to feel whole and complete within yourself and finding solitude instead of loneliness.

And, slowly, you’ll find a community of like-minded people. In it, you’ll be able to have deep conversations about the realizations you’ve had and different ways of playing the game of life altogether.

Overall, have trust in this process. Trust the lows and rock-bottoms that come with it, and celebrate the highs and joyful moments when they pass you by. It won’t be for nothing.

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