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Women's Circles

Here is a chance to reconnect with yourself with the love and support of others like you Have you been searching for a place where you can feel a deep sense of belonging? Would your life be better if you found deep connections in a community that accepts you as you are? How different would your life be if you found a safe haven where you could be yourself and not feel judged? If this is something you'd love, I have good news for you. 


You are not alone. Many other women like you are eager to connect as a sisterhood and share their wisdom and experiences. The good new is you can get this and more in the Women's circle. Here you will recover the many years you have spent giving a lot and getting too little. You will reconnect to the part of yourself lost while focusing on your family, career, and other societal expectations. 

What is a Women's Circle and is it for me?

A women's circle is a safe space where women from all walks of life can come together to share their life stories and freely express their emotions. It is a chance to reignite their spiritual fervour by harnessing the collective power of a sisterhood of like-minded women who are attuned to their need for connection and healing. You will be on a path to embrace the 'divine feminine’ in you while tapping into an innate pool of wisdom and spiritual energy


Why every woman needs it....

Women's circles have existed for many years and are sometimes referred to as red tents or moon lodges. They were open to all ages, and women gathered during a new moon or full moon. This is due to the similarities observed between lunar cycles and female cycles. The moon, historically, has been seen as harnessing a lot of power for women...a prime time for women to gather and grow awareness of their cycles.


Today, women's circles are a safe environment where you can listen and be heard. Hold and be held, allowed to be yourself with no expectations or fear of judgment.

Why you should be part of the sisterhood...

  • It is a space where you can be vulnerable and feel safe - you will unearth your deepest wounds and experience healing. 


  • In a sisterhood, you get to battle loneliness through deep connections that you will never get in other gatherings. 


  • It is a rare chance to share without judgment expressing your deepest thoughts, loves, and fears. 


  • It is the ultimate self-care program that goes a long way to improve your self-esteem and self-love.


  • As you become free of the loads you've been carrying for many years, you lower your stress levels which translate to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and resistance to ageing.


A glimse of the experience

In my circle, we will sit together around a central altar [replace central altar with a unique name], and everyone will have an opportunity to share when the speaking stick [replace the speaking stick with a unique name] is passed to you. The goal here is not to offer advice, problem solve or pass judgment, but to give you a chance to hear and be heard. We will also have a lot of fun through dances, songs, calming rituals, crafts, and food communion. I will take you through guided meditation and intention-setting. I will enlighten you on the moon phases as I read your tarots. I will take you on a spiritual adventure to reveal your authentic self. You will reconnect with your inner feminine goddess.


I receive a lot of feedback from women saying they feel free, empowered and with a sense of control over their lives. 'I feel happier' is an all too common statement I get, and it gives me a deep sense of fulfilment when women tell me how they now have a clearer understanding of their own lives. I fight hard to hold back my tears when my clients have experienced healing from their feeling of disconnection, and sense of not belonging, because that's my story too. 


My life has not been a walk in the park. I lost my boyfriend, my first love, when I was 21. To date, I cannot recall anything more painful. I have had more tragic events in my life. But that was by far the most traumatic. Maybe it's because I was young and naïve about life. Or because it was my first experience of a real connection. But the trauma lingered for many years. It was a harsh introduction to the realities of life.


It was so devastating that I could not bare living in my motherland. I moved to the UK, hoping to escape from daunting memories of him and begin my life on a fresh slate. This, however, was not the end of my troubles. Life had more in store for me, but I'm happy. Something good came out of the pain. It moulded me to be who I am today.


I don't share my story to make you feel sad or sympathetic toward me. I share to show the transformation you can experience by having a sisterhood of loving, caring and supportive women around you. My life in the UK was not all rosy, but I have never regretted moving here.


It took a long time, however, for me to find love again. And when I did and finally settled, I struggled to have a baby. I had my daughter at 42 and had to move to a different part of the country to be united with my husband as the long-distance arrangement could no longer work being parents. As a result, I had to forgo my career. I sold my house below market value to cater to the sudden expenses we had to incur. I also had to leave the good friends I had made who were my support system.


Though I was happy to finally have my own baby, I gradually sank into depression. My identity was lost, and I even contemplated suicide. I sought counselling as a last result, and that's when I was referred to the women's circle to supplement my therapy. Well, it did more than that. The group became my anchor. My support. My strength. My source of happiness. And this is why I'm passionate about helping other women like me find the same.


You may not have gone through my pain (…and honestly, I wouldn't wish that for my worst enemy). Or maybe you have been through worse. This, however, is a space for every woman. In a male-dominated world, every woman needs this. It is the best gift I ever gave to myself. 

Book an Appointment

Let's connect. Book a free consultation call with me, the ordained priestess of the goddess. No obligations. No pressure. Allow me to assess if this is for you. It could be the one experience you have longed for all your life!

Chrissie Knibbs

I attended this evening and would like to thank Tracey for an helping me find my self and I would recommend that anyone who feels like they are alone with no voice that can be heard by any man, this will be perfect for you xx
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